Source: – Friday, August 08, 2014
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. militia carried out two extra air strikes against Islamic State forces near the town of Arbil in northern Iraq on Friday, the Pentagon said. The assaults, which adopted the shedding of two 500-pound bombs on Islamic State positions earlier on Friday, included a drone strike on a mortar place and an attack by means of 4 F/A-18 jets on a convoy and a mortar position, a Pentagon commentary stated. U.S. and European security officials stated Islamic State convoys had been heading in opposition to Arbil, capital of the semi-self sufficient region of Iraqi Kurdistan, from south and northeast of town. Western governments have been concerned that some of the convoys would possibly were on its way to assault Christian communities in or close to Arbil, some of the officers stated. Kurdish regional government and U.S. officers said Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have found themselves outgunned with the aid of Islamic State forces. The militant group acquired massive stockpiles of weaponry and ammunition, a lot of it American-made, after Iraqi Military devices disintegrated in the face of the militants' improve earlier this 12 months. NoYesYesus, conducts, two, extra, airstrikes, in opposition to, islamic, state, iraqWebWhitelist

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