Former President Donald Trump informed Sean Hannity that China never would have despatched a secret agent balloon into U.S. airspace if he were president. Alternatively, China did just that on at least three occasions throughout his administration.

Tuesday’s Hannity aired the 2d part of an interview the host carried out at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Hannity rattled off what he says had been a few screw ups on the part of President Joe Biden, together with the notorious Chinese surveillance balloons that had been noticed in U.S. airspace this yr ahead of being shot down.

“Then we watch the China secret agent balloon incident, you know, to go down over the skies of Alaska, down the west coast of Canada, Idaho, over our missile silos in Montana, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, the Carolinas,” Hannity recalled. “Then, shoot it down. Then we see Russia take down certainly one of our drones.”

Hannity quizzed Trump on how he would have treated the location.

“What would you will have finished with the balloon?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t have completed the rest with the balloon as a result of it wouldn’t have happened,” Trump replied. “Wouldn’t happen underneath me. They wouldn’t have despatched the balloon.”

Actually, the Chinese govt sent as a minimum three surveillance balloons into U.S. airspace all over the Trump administration. The government didn’t detect them on the time.

Trump additionally claimed Russia don’t have invaded Ukraine on his watch.

“You say it with such conviction,” Hannity answered. “Why, should you were president, would they have got no longer carried out this?”

“Because he knew to not fiddle with me,” he answered.

“They concern you?” Hannity asked.

“I don’t wish to say that,” Trump answered. “You already know why? Since you’d say–I don’t like people who say, ‘Oh, they concern me,’ like a schmuck. I don’t wanna say it, however did they worry me? I suspect they did.”

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