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Rail workers say deal won’t resolve quality-of-life concerns

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Tech firms sponsored 45,000 H-1B workers in the past 3 years, report says. Many are now laid-off and struggling to stay in the US.


Mississippi-based furniture company lays off 2,700 workers

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Thousands of Meta workers signed up to Blind the day before Mark Zuckerberg announced mass layoffs


Meta reportedly accused dozens of workers of improperly accessing users’ accounts — in some cases in return for payments of thousands of dollars


Amazon to lay off 10,000 workers as soon as this week: New York Times


CNN Hosts Blames Covid Mandates After Nevada’s Democratic Governor Loses to GOP Challenger: ‘Workers Were Hit Hard’

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) ended his reelection bid Friday after mentioning he did not see a pathway to victory as thousands of remarkable ballots were nonetheless being counted. He congratulated Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and wished him neatly on his coming time period in a observation he […]


Meta layoffs took workers by surprise: ‘I thought I’d be clear in this layoff’


Apple store Glasgow workers unionise in UK first


What is the railroad strike of 2022? Why rail workers are striking and what it means for you


GM shifts course, calls all workers back inside the office


Bosses think workers do less from home, says Microsoft


Meta is reportedly putting some workers onto a ’30-day list’ that gives them a month to find a new role at the company — or leave


Joni Ernst Complains Employers Are ‘Raising Salaries’ and Offering ‘Signing Bonuses’ to Attract Workers

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) is miffed on the truth some employers have needed to increase the incentives they’re providing employees for the reason that labor market is so tight. The unemployment charge in the United States is a mere three.7%, whereas Iowa’s is somewhat higher, but still low at 4.7%. […]


N. Korea may send workers to Russian-occupied east Ukraine