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Meta is reportedly putting some workers onto a ’30-day list’ that gives them a month to find a new role at the company — or leave


Tim Ryan Sidesteps Past Support for Student Debt Relief While Putting it Down


‘Weak’ and ‘Pathetic’: Fox & Friends Trashes Biden Over MBS Fist Bump, Putting ‘America Last’ While ‘Cavorting’ With the Saudis

Fox & Friends ripped into President Joe Biden over his Friday meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) as the morning express’s hosts wondered what he finished with his commute to Saudi Arabia. On Sunday, Will Cain, Carly Shimkus, and Pete Hegseth honed in on Biden’s fist bump […]


Trump Mocks CNN Putting ‘A Clamp’ on Big Lie: ‘I Think They Realized It Wasn’t a Big Lie’

Ex-president Donald Trump stated on Saturday that CNN has “put a clamp” on the time period “The Large Lie” and credited that to the community “realizing” that his election lies aren’t in truth lies. “You ever see where they say the large lie? That was once no lie. The massive […]


‘Pretty Shameful’: Gen. Jack Keane Claims Biden Admin ‘Putting Pressure’ on Zelensky to Make Deal with Putin

Fox Information analyst Gen. Jack Keane, citing what he known as “very good sources” in a Thursday section, mentioned that “the Biden administration has been hanging drive” on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to make a care for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. This claim comes amid Moscow’s invasion of the Eastern European […]


U.S. says Putin is putting Ukraine invasion plan in motion


Putting The Human Aspect Back Into Coffee, 787 Coffee Created A Different Kind Of Farm To Table Coffee Experience