Source: victoryroad.internet – Thursday, July 04, 2013
The Japan Expo has revealed a new Steel/Ghost Pokémon referred to as "Hitotsuki" in Japan, and "Monorpale" in France. It resembles a possessed sword, with what appears to be a ghostly hand rising from an ornamental extension of the hilt. It’s also able to unsheathe itself (via said "hand") all through combat. Its sword-like appearance and human-like limb are referenced in its identify, with "Hito" that means "particular Person", and "Tsuki" that means to thrust, lunge, or stab. Pictures of it in struggle against a Golem is also considered below: Spoiler Alert:  –> Hitotsuki vs Golem  &#one hundred sixty;&#one hundred sixty;&#a hundred and sixty; Additionally, the authentic Pokémon Eastern Youtube Channel has printed some other trailer for Pokémon X and Y, viewable under: The trailer highlights the content material published on the E3 Developer Roundtable, specifically the flexibility to decide on the looks (hair colour, pores and skin tone), of your protagonist, the 4 pals existing in the principle personality's "group", Sky Battles, Horde Battles, and Pokémon-Amie. The trailer also concludes by way of showcasing a new, X/Y-Themed Blue Nintendo 3DS XL, to be to be had on unencumber day (October 12) everywhere Japan, alongside a different gold version model to be on hand handiest in Pokémon Centers. They are going to each and every cost &#a hundred sixty five;22800, and come installed with Pokémon X or Y on their 4GB memory card. Each methods could also be viewed under: Spoiler Alert:  –> X/Y-Themed 3DS XLs  &#one hundred sixty;   Common Edition Special Gold Version Supply(s): [ Pokémon Official Youtube Channel (Japanese) ], [