Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) blasted the mishandling of categorised paperwork throughout a contemporary interview, calling the situation “ridiculous.”

Sherrill was once a visitor on Wednesday’s version of The Dean Obeidallah Express to talk about the newest discoveries of documents at President Joe Biden’s house and places of work, as well as the categorized subject matter found in the possession of Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump.

“Is there no tracking device for our categorised documents?” Obeidallah asked. “So forget the politics of this. What can you share from your work in the Navy and also as a former federal prosecutor? Is there–are you aware of any machine? And does there wish to be a machine if there’s now not, to trace these things so they by no means depart the executive places of work?”

“The truth that on the easiest ranges of our govt, labeled subject matter is treated with less respect than from a Seaman apprentice in the US Navy, is appalling,” Sherrill stated.

“I was just in a categorised briefing this morning. It wasn’t even a very high stage of classification. It used to be a secret briefing. And we had subject matter–and key’s an awfully, you recognize, low degree,” she endured.

Sherrill explained that she had a secret clearance as a naval academy Midshipman to see “basic paperwork.”

“I needed to go through a duration of instruction to bear in mind handle classified documents and what I needed to do. And it used to be taken very critically and I took it very critically. Background assessments, and so forth.,” she explained.

Explaining the meeting she had prior within the day, Sherrill stated, “I am going in, there is a packet of information of slides, you recognize what would’ve been slides, nevertheless it used to be a paper packet as individuals have viewed. And, it was once numbered, you know, one via 26 or on the other hand many they had. And there was a host on it. And there were those who were gonna be gathering those items of categorized data at the end of the transient with the numbers on it in order that they may make sure that that they had now not left any behind. And that is lovely pursuits,” she mentioned.

“It used to be unknown to me that if you’re a president or a vice chairman, you somehow, you recognize, deal with classified data like, , it’s the Sunday comics. It simply is ridiculous and standard and obviously, I feel we will be able to need to address this going ahead and we’re having discussions about that now,” she concluded.

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