Lawrence O’Donnell tonight reminded viewers of Invoice O’Reilly‘s explosion on his show Tuesday evening at Alan Colmes. O’Donnell mentioned that is most effective the latest example in O’Reilly’s lengthy historical past of anger management considerations.

O’Donnell opened the section with the now-notorious clip of O’Reilly going crazy on Inside of Variation to argue that O’Reilly has a long historical past of anger management issues. He ran the video of O’Reilly’s combat with Colmes, and stated that while he has no personal objection to pundits calling people liars, but mentioned that Colmes was in the proper in that particular argument.

O’Donnell also cited that two weeks ago, O’Reilly instructed viewers in his nightly “tip of the day” that he received very angry, and on every occasion that happens he goes into an empty room and lets loose for 30 seconds. O’Donnell mock-sympathetically asked how O’Reilly is ready to vent his anger on his express when liberals like Colmes “humiliate him” and expose his lack of knowledge.

Watch the video beneath:


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