Lawrence O’Donnell stated that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) predicting riots if former President Donald Trump is indicted is a historical new low for a U.S. senator.

O’Donnell believes the comments are so unbecoming of a member of the upper chamber that they are worse than anything else deceased former Sen. Strom Thurmond ever said.

Graham instructed Fox Information on Sunday, “In the event that they tried to prosecute President Trump for mishandling labeled data after Hillary Clinton arrange a server in her basement, there literally can be riots in the street.”

The feedback, consistent with the MSNBC host, decrease the bar past anything considered one of The united states’s most notorious segregationists ever mentioned.

Despite Thurmond’s 48 years in the Senate, and an unsuccessful 24-hour filibuster of the 1957 Civil Rights Act, he’s been dethroned by way of Graham as the largest Senate dirtbag, O’Donnell mentioned on Tuesday’s The Closing Word.

The host reminded his target audience President Joe Biden invoked Graham previous within the day throughout a speech in Pennsylvania.

“Biden, of all individuals, attacking Lindsey Graham for announcing that if Donald Trump is indicted, there will be rioting within the streets,” O’Donnell stated. “And I say Joe Biden of all folks for the reason that very final thing Joe Biden needs to do is assault a United States senator.”

He introduced:

In Joe Biden’s Senate, and the Senate the place I labored in the 1990s, that simply was now not finished. But nobody in the US Senate in those days reached the peak of indecency that Lindsey Graham reached Sunday evening when he stated there might be rioting within the streets. Not even Strom Thurmond.

Lindsey Graham is a United States senator because Strom Thurmond could now not are living forever, even supposing he tried. South Carolina’s very senior Sen. Strom Thurmond selected to not run for reelection for the Senate when he was once 100-years-previous, subsequently creating the opening for congressman Lindsey Graham to move up in 2002.

O’Donnell noted Thurmond was once divulged to have had a Black daughter, whom he never stated.

“Like Lindsey Graham, Strom Thurman by no means apologized,” O’Donnell concluded. “However even Strom Thurman never said if the chief of my party is indicted, there will be rioting in the streets. No senator has ever said that.”

Thurmond clung to life for one hundred and one years, and spent most them opposing basic civil liberties for Black Americans.

He died in 2003, and some claimed the segregationist regretted his racist past.

Watch above, by the use of MSNBC.

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