Robert F Kennedy Jr. joined Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Thursday to talk about his longshot bid to america President Joe Biden and win the 2024 Democratic Birthday Celebration nomination for president.

Known for his bombastic rhetoric and wild claims regarding vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic, RFK Jr. made every other one all through the interview by way of claiming the U.S. “killed 350,000 Ukrainian youngsters.” The remark came as RFK Jr. was slamming the U.S. for helping Ukraine’s effort to combat off the invading Russians.

The baseless claim ended in a direct pushback from Cavuto, who evenly replied, “But we’re not doing that, right? That’s the Russians doing that.” RFK Jr. did not take the opportunity to right himself as though he had misspoken and answered through saying, “Well, but, you recognize, what used to be our historical past of provocations?”

The change started out with Cavuto asking the presidential candidate to make clear his position on Ukraine, “Are you announcing you don’t give a boost to the struggle effort in Ukraine? I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear.”

“No, I don’t. You understand, I think the war in Ukraine has long gone on. There’s been mission creep in that struggle,” RFK Jr. responded, including:

And I don’t suppose the United States executive or the Ukrainian executive have been honest about the proper purpose of that struggle.

I feel we’ve been given a comic book ebook depiction that, you know, this battle was no longer, an unprovoked attack via Vladimir Putin. Evidently, Vladimir Putin made an illegal invasion. It’s been brutal. The Ukrainian people had been victimized by means of it and they’ve shown incredible valor and courage. But I feel the U.S. has not been candid about its purpose in the conflict.

Inadvertently, Yes, they’ve. I imply, President Biden stated the aim of the war is to do regime alternate in Russia. And Lloyd Austin, who is the safeguard secretary, has stated that the purpose is to exhaust the Russian military and degrade its capacity to fight anyplace else on the earth. Neatly, if that’s real, if that’s our objective. And Ukraine is now a sufferer of geopolitical machinations between two nice powers and is preventing a proxy battle for the United States in opposition to Russia. And this has nothing to do with Ukrainian freedom or sovereignty.

It has to do with the ambitions of the neo-cons who surround President Biden to depose President Putin and to exhaust the Russian army. And we are it’s not excellent for our us of a.

RFK Jr. then ended his unwieldy response, announcing, “We’re pushing the Russians into the embody of the Chinese language, which is the worse political outcome, geopolitical result that shall we go for. Worst of all, we’ve killed 350,000 Ukrainian children and, you already know, in a, for a sham, one thing that you understand, where they’re going and preventing, believing that they’re fighting for their nation.”

Cavuto did not return to the subject and eventually moved on to ask about tax coverage.

Watch the entire clip above by means of Fox Information.

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