Joe Scarborough referred to as out Donald Trump’s obvious hatred for The united states and went off on the regular criticism from the former president and plenty of Republican allies of the former president.

At problem used to be a up to date video released by Trump by which the top Republican 2024 candidate strongly prompt that the US is the greatest possibility to Western civilization today, not Russia. Morning Joe played a component of the clip in which Trump stated:

Our greatest chance, however the greatest threat to Western civilization these days shouldn’t be Russia. It’s probably greater than the rest ourselves and probably the most horrible USA hating those who represent us. It’s the abolition of our national borders. It’s the failure to police our own cities. It’s the destruction of the guideline of law from within. It’s the give way of the nuclear family. And fertility charges like no one can believe is happening. It’s the Marxists who would have us develop into a godless nation worshiping on the altar of race and gender.

“Blah blah blah,” a disgusted Scarborough interrupted before announcing, “You recognize, it’s boring to me. What’s boring to me is the hatred for America, the hatred from The united states that you hear spewing from Donald Trump’s mouth.”

“Donald Trump hated The usa prior to he was president of the USA…pointed out how the American dream used to be dead,” Scarborough endured. “Are Trying telling that to the immigrants, the migrants, the refugees. Risking their lives to come back to the USA of The united states. As a result of what do they consider in? The American dream? Speak to immigrants that get here. They’ll inform you concerning the American dream. It’s talked about all over the place the sector. All over the place the world.”

“It’s loopy. I mean, Donald Trump hates The united states. You listen to him speaking about america, america, the u . s ., as Fox News anchors used to remind us. The u . s . a . that has fed and free wages taking,” the Morning Joe host persisted. “That used to be Roger Ailes, who would say this united states has fed and freed more folks than any other planet in the history of the world. And Roger used to be proper on that one. now We have, and we continue to the US.”

“We gained World Battle One. We won World Warfare Two with the assist of our allies. We have been the driver. We have been the arsenal of democracy,” he endured. “Appear what we’re doing. Serving to Ukraine push back in opposition to battle crimes day-to-day.”

“And yet all Donald Trump does, all other people do is that they bash the United States of The us. They attack the US militia, our men and women in the military. They attack our intel neighborhood. They hate America by means of their very own phrases. And if they hate it so much, why don’t they transfer to Russia? Russia will. Russia will take them.”

Watch above by means of MSNBC.

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