CNN anchor Don Lemon laughed out loud at a conservative pundit who stalled out when she used to be requested to outline “woke” in a viral video clip.

Conservative columnist Bethany Mandel won fast viral infamy on Tuesday when she seemed on The Hill’s Rising, and co-host Briahna Pleasure Gray asked her to outline the term she stored the usage of:

BETHANY MANDEL: Americans consider themselves very liberal, and most certainly fewer of them believe themselves to be woke. And so, , after we speak about traditional…

BRIAHNA JOY GRAY: Neatly what does that mean to you? Would you thoughts defining woke? Because it’s come up a few occasions. I simply want to be sure we’re on the same page.

BETHANY MANDEL: So, I imply, woke is kind of the idea that, um… (lengthy pause) This is going to be one of those moments that goes viral. I imply, woke is something that’s very laborious to outline. And we’ve spent a whole chapter defining it. It’s form of the understanding that we need to re, absolutely re-imagine and re, and redo society so as to create hierarchies of oppression. Um… (lengthy pause) Sorry, I. It’s arduous to give an explanation for in a 15 seconds soundbite.

On Friday morning’s version of CNN This Morning, Lemon and guest Alyssah Farah Griffin laughed out loud as they played the clip of Mandel’s mind freeze — however then Lemon prolonged some grace over the lapse:

DON LEMON: (LAUGHS) That used to be (LAUGHS) that was… Alyssa Farah Griffin joins us now, CNN political commentator, former Trump White House communications director. Just right morning. We’ve all been on are living television. You lose your train of notion, you realize, any person tries that can assist you out, regularly within the second, but it surely occurs. Nevertheless it’s been. That used to be a tricky second, don’t you suppose?

ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: Smartly, and it sounds like it’s kind of the core of some of the arguments that she’s making in a guide that she writes. So “Woke” is, it’s roughly turn into understand that the costume where it’s like you either saw it in blue or white, it’s, it means something to sure folks. There’s a Merriam-Webster’s definition of it, which is “being in contact with… And caring about social justice motives and actively concerned with them.”

But to the opposite 1/2 of the us of a, let’s name it that. It approach something totally completely different. I do see why it has been a precious and energizing rallying cry for the conservative base, as a result of I believe the way it’s in most cases interpreted as to mean, you know, it’s extra of a fear of cancel culture, I’d put it. I’d say that’s how a lot of I believe conservatives see it as if I say something that’s even slightly off the woke mob is going to come back and get me. However, it’s now became one thing the place everything’s woke, banks are woke, ESG is woke…

DON LEMON: I disagree with you. I don’t assume it’s a blue and white dress. I feel it’s. Listen, we understand it got here in, Michael Brown, which I covered in Ferguson. I feel it’s I are aware of it’s one thing that has been co-opted by way of conservatives and people who find themselves working for office as a result of it will get an awfully giant response from folks like CRT, and so forth., etc., and so on..

ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: Yeah, that’s that’s definitely right. And I’m not positive that I believe that phrases turn out to be devoid of meaning in the event you use them for everything. And this has grow to be any such seize all term.

I feel that we’re significantly better as Republicans once we’re leaning into one thing like cancel culture. It’s it’s tangible. People get it. If I say one phrase that’s unpopular or I misuse the proper phrase, even supposing my coronary heart used to be in the best situation, your occupation can be over the next day. That, I feel, is a legitimate struggle that resonates with folks.

The wokeism it is. It’s co-opting a term from every other neighborhood and seeking to make it a catch all phrase for things that hassle you about the route the culture is going in.

Watch above by way of CNN This Morning.

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