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Finnish President elected: There will be no political relations with Russia until end of war


On a wheelchair through 5 countries: 80-year-old woman who refused to obtain Russian passport returns from occupied territories


Top UN official has ‘no idea’ where to evacuate people from Rafah


Warnings over Rafah offensive mount as Israel plans push in Gaza


Commander: Russia increasingly deploys armored groups to storm Avdiivka


Iran marks 45th anniversary of Islamic Revolution


Zelenskyy honors Kharkiv families killed in Russian drone attack: ‘Reality speaks louder than words’


Russian drones kill 7 in Ukraine’s Kharkiv


Former British Army Colonel: Syrskyi is ‘forceful general’ who will capably steer Ukraine through ‘tough times ahead’


Government appoints Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Porkhun as acting veterans affairs minister


The SBU searched the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, NV sources


Another FSB agent unmasked after installing surveillance cameras near Mykolaiv seaport


Finland extends Russia border closure until April 14 saying Moscow hasn’t stopped sending migrants


Russians freeze as Putin’s war and aging pipes reveal cracks at home


South African opposition party to boycott president’s speech to Parliament ahead of elections