President Joe Biden pushed back on a new memo from Home Republicans alleging oblique payments to members of Biden’s household from a Chinese language firm.

Republicans have been signaling for months that they plan to target President Joe Biden’s only surviving son Hunter, who has turn out to be the goal of accusations associated to subject matter discovered on a computer that used to be left at Delaware’s “The Mac Keep” and subsequently disseminated through allies of former President Donald Trump.

The latest from their effort is a memo that claims funds to Biden family members whereas Biden used to be VP can be linked to the Chinese language government.

On Friday evening, the president answered questions about this and different themes on the White House lawn, and pushed back on the GOP memo:


South Garden
7:15 P.M. EDT

Q May you supply us your reaction to the International Legal Court issuing an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin?

THE PRESIDENT: Smartly, I think it’s justified. However the question is, it’s now not identified internationally by means of us either. However I feel it makes an extraordinarily sturdy level.

Q Are you confident the bank, sir — are you confident the financial institution drawback has calmed down?


Q Will you give us a way of your reaction to President Putin assembly with President Xi subsequent week?

THE PRESIDENT: Smartly, we’ll see when that assembly takes place. That’s (inaudible).

Q Any reaction to the Home GOP memo about your family dealings, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: My domestic dealings?

Q Yes, your — (inaudible) that Hunter Biden’s business associate sent over one million greenbacks to 3 of your loved ones participants. Any reaction to that?

THE PRESIDENT: That’s no longer proper.

Q Must Putin be tried for war crimes? (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: He’s obviously dedicated conflict crimes.

7:17 P.M. EDT

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